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SSL Certificates – The Best Way to Earn Customer Trust

The world of e-commerce is fast developing. Many people are embracing the convenience of shopping online. However, you must be sure that you target and retain your customers for success. The most important requirement for an online customer is their security. When your customers are sure they are safe as they pay for the goods, they will trust you and your business will grow.

So then, you should be asking yourself, how best could you earn the trust of your online customers? Without keeping you guessing for too long, what you need are the SSL Certificates. These will ensure that the private information of your customers is secured. They provide the best means for people in e-commerce to protect their visitors and earn their trust in an easy and cost effective manner.

Each of the SSL certificates have full validation and up to 256 bit encryption and 99% browser recognition among other great features. It is important to note that the world of e-commerce is threatened by greedy hackers who are looking for valuable information through the web pages to steal. Your customers want a security confirmation and this certificate will provide that to them so that they can trust you.

Basically, customers who come to your business will need to provide their personal identifying information and credit card information so that they can order and pay for the goods or services you offer. The SSL certificates ensure that these sensitive data and transactions are secured.

Assurance of security for the shopper is the one way you would be sure to win the trust of your customers so they would buy with confidence. In turn, you will take your business to the next level. E-commerce has a potential but fraud is the chief worry that buyers have to deal with.

SSL certificates are presented in form of software which encrypts all information moving in and out of the certificate holder’s website so that no third party gets hold of this information.

How SSL certificate enhances trust
1. A shopper network gets into the online store page and requests secure session from the server.
2. Server responds and sends him a digital copy of the SSL certificate.
3. He verifies this certificate by checking if it has Certification Authority that is trusted by his browser.
4. A one-time session key encrypted with server’s public key is then sent to this buyer.
5. The buyer sends encrypted session key back to the server.
6. Server decrypts the session key establishing the secure connection and ‘https’ appears on buyer’s browser as verification.