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Get the Best SSL Certificate for Your Online Business

Online Businesses and E-commerce sites are among the easiest type of company to establish. Primarily, the big advantage comes from the opportunity of reaching more than a certain area in a country, but it allows one to sell and showcase their services and talents all throughout the country. However, the credibility of these sites is valued when it comes to security, and with that, the guarantee of SSL certificates are truly important.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a unique type of protocol that has been developed by Netscape. It allows the encryption of private Internet communication, giving one the ability to communicate without publicly exposing their transactions. Having this to certify the site is very important, especially when one website uses credit cards for purchases. It is imperative then, to have a certain website certified by these protocols in order to verify the security standards which is needed to protect each customer’s interest.

These certificates vary in types; some SSL certificates are free and some are paid; each depending on a certain degree of security that is accepted through their standards. Primarily, one can acquire this type of certificates through popular web hosting sites. E-commerce packages offer SSL through Open Source projects which are validated through the Internet. There is also Shared SSL, a type of certification which requires websites secured pages. Members can log in and create a private account for their confidentiality, keeping track of their tickets and provides documentation for their overall site use. Dedicated SSL on the other hand, are acquired through dedicated hosting packages; most of these are linked to the client’s domain name rather than the web hosts. This allows the owner to gain a more private encryption within their website, and would not need to rely on their hosts to provide these protocols for them.

Levels of SSL vary as well; this is affected by the strength of encryption used within the website. The Entry Level SSL usually provides 40-bit encryption at the least; and more secure ones provides 256-bit encryption. These certificates are validated through different methods, often passing through filters of confirmation before finalizing on higher security standards. The three types of validation are:

1. Domain Validation, wherein the client information such as its contact details, are matched within the WHOIS database for the domain name of the website declared.

2. Organizational Validation, in which the online business is verified. The physical as well as the web address is then certified to guarantee that the transaction is legitimate.

3. Extended Validation, which is visibly shown as the green address bar in certain browsers, indicating the verified security of the site.

SSL certificates are crucial for every e-Commerce site, and it is important to take note of this information before actually starting out in choosing which one is appropriate for the company. Credibility and security are among the many things customers value within a website. It is important then, for online businesses to acquire the right certifications in order to obtain their integrity and to protect their customers’ interest.