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SSL Certificates: What Are They and How Do I Get One?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL certificates are all about security. This level of security is important if you are running or want to run an e-commerce website or blog. Whenever you make an online purchase, look at the URL address bar before you enter your credit card details. It should have “https” instead of “HTTP” in front of the URL address. The “S” means the site is secure. When you make your purchase and enter your credit card information, it is sent into cyberspace over the Internet. When a particular page on a website designed for e-commerce is secure, it means that all the information is encrypted making it very difficult for hackers to grab onto. Always check for the “https” before you enter account or credit card details. Having a recognized secure site means a great deal to the consumer. It’s to your benefit to have a SSL certificate for your website if accepting credit cards. How Do You Acquire a SSL Certificate? Certificates can…

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Tips on How to Use and Install an SSL Cert

Secure socket layer certificates (SSL certs) are used to protect information entered on web sites from being viewed from outside sources and prevents people from impersonating your identity. SSLs encrypt the data entered and passed between servers and consumer’s personal computers. Their use allows for safe business transactions online and prevents impersonation attacks. Prior to installing a cert, one of the first things you need to do is determine what server you are running and what type of SSL cert you have. Apache is the most commonly used server but there are Microsoft and various other servers that support it. There are regular certificates and extended validation (EV) certificates. You must also confirm that your web site has a dedicated IP address. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you will need to switch to a dedicated IP in order to install your certificates. It is important to keep in mind the steps to installing your certificates will vary with each server and signer. These basic things need to be done to install a standard SSL cert on an Apache server. Creating the private key and certificate signing request (CSR) are the first two steps to install your certificate.…

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Advice on How to Install and Use an SSL Certificate

Installation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates is a prerequisite for any e-commerce website due to its obligation to provide a secure environment for all transactions. Basically, SSL Cert is an application that encrypts sensitive information like customer details (address), payment information (credit card number etc.). The SSL Certificate verifies the identity of the customer and authenticates all information. All payment information is encrypted with 40-bit to 256-bit encryption and can only be decoded by the SSL secure server having the correct key. Thus installation of a certificate becomes indispensable for all websites wherein buying and selling of goods take place. Installation of an SSL Certificate may vary depending on the web host, platform or even the company from where the SSL cert was purchased. There are different processes followed for different platforms. There are many e-commerce web hosts who can guide through the process for installing SSL Cert. Even the administrators of the server being used assist you through the installation. A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is generated by the server which is used to validate the identity of a computer. The CSR contains information like name of the website, address where the website is registered, and the name…

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Get the Best SSL Certificate for Your Online Business

Online Businesses and E-commerce sites are among the easiest type of company to establish. Primarily, the big advantage comes from the opportunity of reaching more than a certain area in a country, but it allows one to sell and showcase their services and talents all throughout the country. However, the credibility of these sites is valued when it comes to security, and with that, the guarantee of SSL certificates are truly important. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a unique type of protocol that has been developed by Netscape. It allows the encryption of private Internet communication, giving one the ability to communicate without publicly exposing their transactions. Having this to certify the site is very important, especially when one website uses credit cards for purchases. It is imperative then, to have a certain website certified by these protocols in order to verify the security standards which is needed to protect each customer’s interest. These certificates vary in types; some SSL certificates are free and some are paid; each depending on a certain degree of security that is accepted through their standards. Primarily, one can acquire this type of certificates through popular web hosting sites. E-commerce packages offer SSL through…

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Choosing the Correct SSL Certification Level for Your Business Website

Owners of businesses who operate on the web know they need a security certificate. The security certificates let visitors know they can trust a site. Modern browsers will check for a certificate. If the browser does not detect any SSL certificates, it will ask the user if he wants to visit a website with an invalid certificate. Many users will allow the browser to succeed, if they trust the source. If they do not trust the source, the user will prevent the browser from connecting to the website. Business owners need a secure, private certificate that is authenticated by a third party service. The last part is optional, but it lets a user know that a site has done as much as it can to protect the users data. Before a user can understand why he needs the authenticated certificate, he needs to understand how the process works. SSL certificates contain a public and private key. The public key is shared by the website with the user’s browser. The key contains the encryption data for the private key. The browser and the server will negotiate the connection once a certificate is verified. The process takes only a few seconds. Website…

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Deciding If Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate

When it comes to online security, what you don’t know can hurt you. Consumers and business owners alike benefit from understanding Internet security and applying safe practices. Being aware of encryption, SSL certificates and other security tools is especially important for e-commerce website owners. If your website isn’t secure, people will be nervous about making purchases from you and will choose other retailers. Keeping your customers’ information safe is one of the best things you can do for your business. These certificates help keep you and your customers safe as you exchange sensitive information online. Not every website needs one, but many do. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to obtain one. What is it for? An SSL certificate is an electronic document that confirms the identity of a website or server and encrypts information transmitted over the Internet. When personal information (like a credit card number or password) is encrypted, it is transferred in a complicated code so no one can read it while in transit. When the information reaches its destination, it is put back into plain text. What information needs to be protected? Any personal information your customers give you needs to be secured.…

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SSL Certificates – The Best Way to Earn Customer Trust

The world of e-commerce is fast developing. Many people are embracing the convenience of shopping online. However, you must be sure that you target and retain your customers for success. The most important requirement for an online customer is their security. When your customers are sure they are safe as they pay for the goods, they will trust you and your business will grow. So then, you should be asking yourself, how best could you earn the trust of your online customers? Without keeping you guessing for too long, what you need are the SSL Certificates. These will ensure that the private information of your customers is secured. They provide the best means for people in e-commerce to protect their visitors and earn their trust in an easy and cost effective manner. Each of the SSL certificates have full validation and up to 256 bit encryption and 99% browser recognition among other great features. It is important to note that the world of e-commerce is threatened by greedy hackers who are looking for valuable information through the web pages to steal. Your customers want a security confirmation and this certificate will provide that to them so that they can trust…

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